Checkify AG

Corporate services. Company creation consulting. Charity foundations.
Family governance. Compliance.

Our Services

Checkify AG is offering all-encompassing consulting and administrative services to its clients.

Help with Incorporation of Companies
  • Management of Swiss Companies
  • Providing Consulting Services for Start ups
  • Administration Services
  • Corporate Governance Advising
  • Services for Board of Directors
  • Company Creation Consulting (administration)
Charity Foundations
  • Incorporation of Charitable Foundations
  • Consulting regarding Foundation / Trust Set-up
  • Management of Swiss Charitable Foundations
Family Governance
  • Family Business Consulting
  • Expense Optimization
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Assessments
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Governance
  • Family Office Services
  • Assistance with compliance
ALma Palo

About Us

Ckeckify AG is a different type of company.

It is the company that will prioritize you and your needs over all other things. It is a company with a significant experience in consulting, management and business administration.

Our most important reference is the relationship we build with our clients.
We never fail our client’s trust and that is why we are always their first choice. We are solution oriented and do not fear to take over the most difficult tasks for our clients.
It is the highest standards of excellence in all fields of business that we stand behind.
Our strength is based on a partner relationship with our clients, excellent knowledge of the market and successful business practice.

We speak the language of administration and we will contribute to the success of your business. We will offer constructive and proactive solutions.

Inspired by the highest business and moral standards, we are focused on success of our clients.

We see you as the winner!

Alma Palo Aličehić